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Sweet Sixteen Thursday Open Thread


Four games which can also be seen via the NCAA.

East: #2 Miami vs #3 Marquette, 7:15 PM, CBS

West: #2 Ohio St. vs #6 Arizona, 7:47 PM, TBS

East: #1 Indiana vs #4 Syracuse, 9:45 PM, CBS

West: #9 Wichita St. vs #13 La Salle, 10:17 PM, TBS

This is naturally a rare experience for UNC fans to enter have the Sweet Sixteen rolling along with the Tar Heels in it.

From an ACC perspective, Miami will try to move into the East Regional Final facing Marquette who has, at this point, expended its allotment of nine lives and possibly some belonging to other teams. The Hurricanes will be without senior center Reggie Johnson and there is a point of debate of how much that hurts Miami. The Hurricanes already played a stretch without Johnson and during that time they discovered Julian Gamble could be effective. If Miami survives then they would face either Indiana or Syracuse.

In the West Region, Ohio St. will play Arizona for what could possibly be described as the de facto regional final. No offense to Wichita St. or La Salle but I have serious doubts either of those teams wins a regional final against OSU or Arizona. Of course it is the NCAA Tournament, anything can happen, etc, etc, etc.