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UNC Players Not Close to Draft Decisions

Tis' the season!

Ed Zurga

As is always the case at this time of year speculation and rumors abound about what players may or may not in regard to the NBA Draft. The first of these bubble to the surface on Twitter Thursday with an account call @ProBBallDraft saying that P.J. Hairston was likely to enter the NBA Draft. The Twitter account is linked to a website called Pro Basketball Draft which, until today, had a list of top 100 prospects showing players with incorrect positions and school names.

Anyway, this kind of rumor is common with draft speculation and coaching searches. There are any number of ways bad information gets passed along and countless people who benefit from such a rumor floating. In my seven years of blogging, I come across information, hear things and even read random message board postings which sound legitimate but can in now way be verified. Whatever the "source" here, there is no risk for a website like this posting the rumor because it is honestly a 50-50 proposition. There also may be less attachment to their own credibility or accuracy in general as their prospects list showed.

Regardless of whether the rumor is true or not, it does kick off a round of efforts by legitimate media to see if it is true or not. The N&O's Andrew Carter spoke with the mothers of Reggie Bullock and P.J. Hairston who both said the decision is not close.

"He’s talking about it but I’m not for sure right now," Danielle Brown, who is Bullock’s mother, said during a phone interview. "He’s trying to see what he wants to do."

Wendy Poteat, Hairston’s mother, said on Thursday during a phone interview that her son was "nowhere near" making a decision.

"I think he’s looking at his options," she said.

Meanwhile, in the James Michael McAdoo camp, Ronnie McAdoo has told Inside Carolina that they are "take a few days to relax" before getting into the decision process.

The comment from all three players' parents is consistent with what we know about Roy Williams and the process he uses for NBA Draft decisions. As he has said many times, there is a period of gathering information from NBA contacts and then player-coach meetings to discuss the information. From there the player and family decides what to do. Another factor is the NCAA deadline to declare intentions is not until April 16th so none of the parties involved appears to be in any hurry. Williams has also spent most of the week since the season ending loss to Kansas on the recruiting trail. It is unlikely he had had time to gather information and advise the players on what they should do.

The best advice at this stage is to relax as it is clear neither the players nor their head coach seems to be in much of a rush to get this decided. That means treating any rumor with skepticism unless it comes from established credible sources. If I had to make a guess I imagine the earliest we might hear something would be the end of next week but it possible all three might go right down to the wire in deciding.

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