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Sweet Sixteen Friday Open Thread

The 1939 NCAA Championship trophy belonging to Oregon.
The 1939 NCAA Championship trophy belonging to Oregon.
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Four games which can also be seen via the NCAA.

Midwest: #1 Louisville vs #12 Oregon, 7:15 PM, CBS

South: #1 Kansas vs #4 Michigan, 7:37 PM, TBS

Midwest: #2 Duke vs #3 Michigan St., 9:45 PM, CBS

South: #3 Florida vs #15 Florida Gulf Coast, 9:57, TBS

Now comes the dilemma for UNC fans. Does ACC Solidarity trump hating Duke with every fiber of a Tar Heel fan's being? Speaking for myself, I can't stomach a Duke win so couple that with Michigan playing Kansas we are all big fans of the Great Lake State tonight. Of course should Duke lose it would introduce something that hasn't happened since 1958-1961. It will be the first time since the four years following UNC's 1957 title the ACC has gone three straight seasons without a Final Four representative. As with everything, I blame Creighton.

Other questions include Louisville and is this an inevitable march to the title and does midnight strike for Florida Gulf Coast? My guess is the answer to both of those is yes.