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NCAA Elite Eight Open Thread

Andy Lyons

The schedule for the next two days. Games can also be seen online here.


East Regional Final: #3 Marquette vs #4 Syracuse, 4:30 PM, CBS

West Regional Final: #2 Ohio St. vs #9 Wichita St, 7:05 PM, CBS


South Regional Final: #3 Florida vs #4 Michigan, 2:20 PM, CBS

Midwest Regional Final: #1 Louisville vs #2 Duke, 5:05 PM, CBS

Given what we knew of the college basketball season heading into the NCAA Tournament, an Elite Eight that looks like this shouldn't surprise anyone. Only one team has truly looked the part and that is Louisville with some shades of the 2009 Tar Heels in the way they have handled their business thus far. It will be interesting to see if that holds true in this preview of the 2014-15 ACC basketball schedule.

Wichita St. is carrying the banner for the Cinderella and has fighter's chance against Ohio St. Marquette vs Syracuse is one last "Big East" game for the Orange. Michigan will try to not have any letdown following a miraculous rally to knock Kansas out on Friday night.

Based on KenPom's win probabilities your Final Four will be: Syracuse, Ohio St., Florida and Louisville.