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Tom O'Brien, Troll Extraordinaire

Tom O'Brien did his share of trolling UNC and its fans during his tenure as NC State's football coach. After being sacked by the Pack, he directed some of his trolling skills at his former employer.

Why use Mayflower when trolling your former employer is so much better?
Why use Mayflower when trolling your former employer is so much better?
Brian Barbour

You've gotta hand it to Tom O'Brien. To paraphrase a current hit movie, it's a good day to troll hard.

In addition to being known for beating Carolina five times in six tries while the football coach at NC State, TOB was known for his acerbic comments, especially when it came to the blue-clad rival to the west. But an ill-fated decision to punt to Gio Bernard, followed by a giant egg laid against Virginia, sealed the Marine's fate with AD Debbie Yow, and TOB was fired at season's end.

O'Brien has landed on his feet as an assistant at his old stomping grounds at the University of Virginia, and like any employee who is relocating, he needed to move from Raleigh to Charlottesville. But instead of calling Mayflower or Two Men and a Truck, O'Brien apparently sent the Cavaliers' football equipment semi truck to pick up his stuff.

Brian was pulling his best Columbo impression on Monday night, spotting the Hoos truck at a Holiday Inn in Raleigh and tweeted the picture above. Our old buddy Akula Wolf at Backing the Pack has the lupine point of view and is well worth a visit for a great laugh.

Trolling the school that fired you by sending the UVa equipment truck to move your stuff out of Raleigh? Well played, TOB. Well played indeed.