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John Henson Had a Pretty Good Night


Let's take a rare side trip into the NBA to check in on former Tar Heel and current Milwaukee Bucks power forward John Henson who had a pretty ridiculous line in a 113-103 overtime loss to Orlando.

41 mins, 17 points, 25 rebounds, 7 blocks, 3 assists.

Henson's first year in the NBA has been very hit or miss mainly because his playing time has been that way. He has racked more than his fair share of "DNP - Coaches Decision" beside his name in the box score. In times he has played he it has been a scant few minutes at best. Henson's last game in which he reached double-digit minutes was March 22nd when he played 22 versus Indiana. After that he would not play for four games then seven at most over the five game span prior to tonight's outburst.

According to ESPN, Henson's big night put him in some fairly select company.

Hopefully with more playing time, Henson will have more big nights.