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UNC Announces 2013-14 ACC Opponents


In case you were really wondering who UNC would play in the conference schedule next season and where, here it is.

Home & home
Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, Notre Dame
Home only
Boston College, Clemson, Maryland, Miami, Pitt
Away only
FSU, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Virginia, Virginia Tech

The first thing that jumps out is UNC does not have to make another trip to College Park, MD. Likewise Duke also avoided the trip. Translation? The ACC stuck it to Maryland by denying them home games with the two teams that draws the highest attendance.

Without knowing what the full shake out will be with rosters, this is not as daunting a league schedule as UNC faced this past season. The toughest road games will be Duke, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Virginia and Georgia Tech(Heels in Atlanta rule.) Wake Forest is also a sneaky tough road game and NC State is still a rivalry game. The biggest headliner on the home games(besides Duke and NC State) is UNC will look to extend Clemson's winless streak in Chapel Hill.

On paper right now, this isn't a particularly scary slate of opponents and considering what UNC brings back in personnel, the Heels should be one of the favorites to finish at or near the top of the league.