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Looking at USA Today's Coaching Salary Database

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USA Today released a list for 62 of the 68 college basketball coaches from the 2013 NCAA Tournament in terms of salary. Not surprisingly, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski heads the list followed by Louisville's Rick Pitino, Kansas' Bill Self, Michigan State's Tom Izzo and Florida's Billy Donovan.

Roy Williams is listed as 21st overall, the lowest of the eight coaches on the list who have won a national title, much less two of them of which there are only three listed. NC State's Mark Gottfried is ranked 16th.

Wait, what?

It is unclear what sources USA Today used to obtain the salary numbers. Based on various news items over the years, Roy Williams salary has been pegged as much higher the $1.7 million listed here. In 2007, ESPN's Andy Katz put the number at $2.1 million with the Nike money Williams received(said to be $500K) not included. However prior to Dick Baddour's departure as athletic director, Williams contract was extended putting his salary at between $1.7 and $2.0 million per year not including the Nike and possibly the Learfield Sports income he receives.

The question is, did USA Today include apparel deal income for some coaches or not others? According to the N&O's Joe Giglio they did so when it came to Gottfried.

That certainly raises questions as to the accuracy of the list and Williams' proper placement on it.

Not that it matters, especially given the relative "deal" UNC is getting with Williams. If the $1.7-2.0 million is simply the base and he gets as much as a million on top of that from Learfield, Nike, etc. he still comes in well below coaches who, have fewer national titles than he does. In fact looking at what Pitino, Self, Donavan and Izzo make, UNC is getting Williams for at least $700K-1 million cheaper than guys with arguably as much or less accomplishment than Williams.

In fact, Williams once said Baddour was badgering him about getting his contract redone following the 2009 NCAA title. Williams indicated he simply wasn't worried about his contract(he worked the first year without one in place) and whatever Baddour wanted to do was fine. That is the tangible benefit of having a successful coach who is at his alma mater and plans to finish his career there. On some level he probably would rather see money used elsewhere than on his salary. Whatever the case, North Carolina is getting more value out of what they pay a head coach than possibly any school out there.

Then again, I am sure some fans would pay him a million more if he would use his timeouts or make lineup changes they want.