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McDonald's All-American Game Tonight

Some future Tar Heels in both the boys and girls game will play tonight.

Incoming freshmen Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks
Incoming freshmen Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks

McDonald's All-American Game

Girls' Game, 7:00 PM, ESPNU

Future Tar Heels: East- #22 Diamond DeShields, #23 Stephanie Mavunga; West- #24 Jessica Washington

Boys' Game, 9:30 PM, ESPN

Future Tar Heels: East- #4 Isaiah Hicks, #5 Kennedy Meeks

While much of the focus will be on the boys' game, it is probably worth it to check out Diamond DeShields in the girls' game first. DeShields has been the recipient of incredible hype and high praise from those who watch girls' high school basketball. DeShields finished third in the three point contest earlier in the week. Jessica Washington won the skills competition.

On the boys side, the reports from practice this week concerning Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks would seem to indicate neither are going make much of an impact in this game which is fine. The game is, in no way, predictive of what players will do in college. It doesn't stop fans from frreaking out about what happens in these games but that is what some fans do. It is always nice to get a first glimpse at the new recruits which is the only value to glean from the game.

As for Meeks, be sure to check out this piece on him from the Charlotte Observer. In short, he knows his conditioning needs work and is looking forward to getting to Chapel Hill where the UNC staff can start helping him with that. Also, he apparently plays tennis for West Charlotte. Yes, really.