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NCAA Final Four Open Thread


The schedule from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta..

#1 Louisville vs #9 Wichita St., 6:09 PM, CBS or online

#4 Syracuse vs #4 Michigan, 8:49 PM, CBS or online

Obviously the horrific and disgusting injury to Louisville's Kevin Ware makes the Cardinals a sentimental favorite. That is if you can live with Rick Pitino joining the multiple title winners' club. If I can make a confession, I find Pitino more likeable than I used to and since we are talking about a little future ACC Solidarity here, UL winning is not a bad thing. I would say the same about Syracuse but I still dislike Syracuse and I hate the zone defense.

For the most part I think a Louisville title is inevitable, well as much as it can be at a Final Four. The Cardinals are the first team I have seen since UNC's 2009 run that I didn't think anyone in the field could beat them. I think that is still the case at the Final Four.