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Jerry Stackhouse is Still Awesome

A very interesting interview of Jerry Stackhouse on the ESPN show Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones. It primarily focuses on Stackhouse and on the court but there are a couple intriguing stories of interest for Tar Heel fans. One is Stackhouse debunking the long held rumor that Tyler Hansbrough once dunked on him in a summer pick-up game then yelled "Weight room!" Not true says Stackhouse(confirmed by Bobby Frasor) and when asked what he may have done had Hansbrough done that, Stackhouse simply says "Tyler might not be Tyler." Also of note is his relationship with Christian Laettner which apparently was and is very good except for the time he gave Laettner a black eye over something the former Blue Devil said to him during a card game.

All was forgiven the next day.