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The Story Behind the "Fainting Goats" Prank on Bryn Renner

Grant Halverson

Via Lauren Brownlow at Fox Sports, the background on this:

UNC director of football and video technology Christopher Luke was reviewing video of a practice — just a normal Wednesday, he said — when he saw the successful prank. He cut three separate angles of the prank, and the next day when the team was reviewing video, everyone had a good laugh at Renner's expense.

And then they forgot about it.

Luke and the video staff put out videos during spring football, and they were looking for something to fill the offseason. He went to tight ends coach Walt Bell and asked about the prank on Renner. "Oh, you mean the fainting goats?" Bell said. "I have no idea what that means," Luke told him.

Bell told him to Google it.

"So I type in 'feigning goat,' and I don’t get anything. I type in ‘fainting goats’ and pull it up,' Luke recalled. "(Bell said) ‘Let’s make this video, let's add to the front of it what a typical day is and then let’s put the inspiration behind it because nobody else is going to get this.'" And that’s why the end of the prank video includes the inspiration for the prank.

As for the notion that Bryn Renner was actually angry about the prank, he said via Twitter he wasn't.

Since Larry Fedora arrival, the football team has embraced the use of new media, especially YouTube, to give fans a glimpse inside the program. Obviously there is some tangential benefit in recruiting though I imagine not as much as people think. At any rates things like "Blue Dawn" and pranks in practice are quite a change from the previous era.