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Noted Winner of Nationally Televised Karaoke Contest Gets Owned by Michael Russell

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Let me say upfront I pay zero attention to things like American Idol or popular culture in general. However because I live in Raleigh and eat at Bojangles I am at least tacitly aware of the existence of American Idol winner Scotty McCreery. Despite his American Idol success McCreery is enrolled at NC State and often comments on the Wolfpack via Twitter. On Tuesday that meant getting into a little Twitter skirmish with Tar Heel shortstop Michael Russell.

Ah...good times.

Here's an idea. McCreery was actually on the baseball team at Garner High School where he was a pitcher. Maybe the best way to settle this is have him pitch against Russell and see what happens. I have an inkling how that might turn out.

UPDATE: It was pointed out that Russell may have actually been trolling first so the headline has been changed to more accurately describe the exchange.