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NCAA Regional: Florida Atlantic 3 UNC 2

Squandered opportunities left the door ajar for FAU who took advantage to force a deciding game on Monday .

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

UNC had 12 hits and left 15 runners on base but only scored twice. FAU had three hits but got one clutch home run to take the game 3-2. That was basically the game. The pitching, despite the three run home run in the seventh was good enough. A team that is one of the top run producers in the country and has the nation's leading RBI man should be able to provide enough run support if the defense surrenders three runs. Hobbs Johnson wasn't perfect but he did his job. Trevor Kelly struggled and gave up the home run but again three runs should be plenty.

The offense just wasn't there and early in the game there was this uneasy feeling when UNC left a pair of runners on base in each of the first three innings. However it was in the top of the sixth it reached a ridiculous point. Leading 2-0 the Tar Heels loaded the bases with no outs and had Colin Moran at the plate. As has been the case for several games now, the hope was this time Moran would snap out of his slump and clock the "big hit." Instead of that or even something useful like a sacrifice fly, Instead Moran did the worst thing possible for that situation. He hit into a 1-2-3 double play which prevented a run from scoring and gave the Owls two much needed outs.

Now the Heels will send midweek starter Chris Munnelly to the mound on Monday night in a winner-take-all game to advance to the Super Regional. It is unclear what the Tar Heels' issue is. Are they a little tight? Did the ACC Tournament take too much out of them? Is last season's regional weighing on them? Seeing UNC lost this game the same way they did the first game versus St. John's last season which probably dredges up some unhappy memories.

One thing is clear, UNC is the one playing with all the pressure. FAU has already exceeded expectations and advancing to the Super Regional would be playing with house money. As the #1 overall seed and a team that stood atop the baseball world for most of the season, not getting past the regional for a second straight season would be a disaster for the Tar Heels. Doing so with a offensive outage like UNC has experienced would be even more shocking.