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Hairston's No Good, Very Bad Summer Continues

Ed Zurga

Amid all the other issues surrounding P.J. Hairston, going to the USA Basketball training for the World University Games was probably seen as a nice respite. Unfortunately for Hairston, he will not be a part of the team with a back injury being cited as the reason.

Via USA Basketball

Additionally, P.J. Hairston (North Carolina/Greensboro, N.C.) suffered an injury to his back during the evening session on June 25 and was not able to continue his participation.

Just add this to list of bad occurences for Hairston this summer. So far the rising junior has been arrested for marijuana possession while driving without his license in an expensive rental SUV. Then there is the NCAA making inquiries about Hairston's connection to a man named Rodney Blackstone. Blackstock is alleged to have made payments to the AAU coach of former Kansas player Ben McLemore prompting the NCAA to take notice. According to UNC AD Bubba Cunningham, UNC and the NCAA are looking at what, if any, connections Blackstone might have to Hairston. On the surface that doesn't appear to be related to the SUV which could mean there are two separate NCAA issues to worry about now instead of one.

There is no word how severe the back injury is but one would assume there is more than enough time for Hairston to be ready for the season. That is assuming all the other issues get resolved.