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NBA Draft Tonight; Where Does Bullock Go?

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In a matter of hours now, Reggie Bullock will find out if his gamble to leave school a year early despite not knowing if he would be a first round pick worked or not. All signs point to it working out in spectacular fashion, especially if those prognostications placing the Kinston native as the 19th pick to Cleveland are correct.

In fact ESPN's Chad Ford and DraftExpress are both showing Bullock as the 19th overall pick. has Bullock 20th and USA Today has him 25th. Based on what's been said about Bullock by scouts and pundits alike, it will be a huge surprise if he doesn't stick in the first round. His defense and perimeter shooting have been praised as major assets a team in the lower half of the first round would love to add. The comparisons to Danny Green are apt. Hopefully Bullock's path to the NBA is smoother than Green's but ends with much the same level of success.

Overall this draft is being seen as extremely weak. How weak? Maryland's Alex Len is the possibly #1 overall pick to Cleveland. It is unclear on how that would impact Tyler Zeller who is already there and I assume would play the same position. Outside of Len, most of the action for ACC players will come outside the lottery with Duke's Mason Plumlee, NC State's Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie looking for a guaranteed contract. Plumlee is probably going to be a first round pick with the Wolfpack duo likely slipping into the second round.

Dexter Strickland has been working out for teams but at this point there is little indication he would be draft at all.

The NBA Draft starts tonight at 7 PM on ESPN.