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P.J. Hairston Cited for Speeding, Suspended Indefinitely

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UPDATE: Credit UNC with acting quickly, at least. Roy Williams has suspended Hairston indefinitely. This is beginning to resemble what ultimately ended Will Graves playing career at Carolina — public misbehavior that results in serious rules being placed on the player by Williams, and when there's another transgression, suspension.

Original Story: And here I was thinking we'd have a few weeks without seeing P.J. Hairston's name in the papers. The charges against him stemming from this summer's traffic stop had been dismissed, and while there will be fallout from Fats Thomas' car rental habit, it will be closer to the fall before any news comes out of that. The Summer of P.J., I thought could safely recede into the background.

And then Hairston was pulled over going 93 in a 65 mph zone on Interstate 85.

That's fast enough to qualify for both speeding and reckless driving, although it does top the land speed record previously held by Ty Lawson. And since it's the first question that will be asked, Hairston was driving a 2008 Acura TL, which is probably a couple of years older than anything currently part of a rental car fleet. Still, I don't think anyone in Chapel Hill is happy the shooting guard only went six days without having a matter pending before a court of law.

Hairston's court date has been set for August 30th. While Lawson did not miss any playing time for his speeding tickets and driving without a license charge, he wasn't so recently in the news for something else. As we have no idea what sort of restrictions the basketball office might have placed on him after this summer's earlier incident, I can't really say what will be the consequences of this little run-in. Until we hear otherwise, we'll just have to give voice to the question on every Carolina fan's mind: