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Summer Interviews Rundown


Over the past couple of weeks UNC basketball players have been doing interviews with the media as part of the usual summer media availability. Here is the run down and highlights.

Marcus Pagie

GoHeels TV Interview: Part 1, Part 2


-Said he has worked with Shammond Williams, Kendall Marshall and Raymond Felton so far this summer. The sessions with Felton involved Felton's trainer and Paige called it one of the toughest workouts he's done.

-Paige said Isaiah Hicks has been impressive and thinks both J.P. Tokoto and Nate Britt will be better than people think.

-Has a target weight of 175 but says that's not a dealbreaker. Paige says he feels stronger and more explosive plus his conditioning is better.

Comments: Paige's understanding of the game and his basketball IQ is outstanding. He should be very good with a year of experience and some added strenghth.

James Michael McAdoo

GoHeels TV Interview: Part 1


-Been working on his low-post move, ballhandling, and perimeter game.

-Says he's been working harder this offseason than he did last year. For example he knows his FT shooting was horrible and he is trying to spend more time in the gym.

-Last year he says he accepted the expectations but didn't work harder. This year he is approaching it differently.

-"I have goals here and they are not just going to fall into my lap."

-McAdoo is sporting a much shorter haircut now.

Comments: McAdoo's emphasis was on his work ethic so it will be interesting to see if it shows on the court during the season.

Joel James

GoHeels TV Interview: Part 1, Part 2


-"Confidence is like deodorant, if you don't have it on you stink....Sometimes I find myself wanting to go to Rams [Courts] to beat on regular kid just to get confidence but that's not going help."

-Says it comes down to time in the gym and the amount of work you put it. Confidence is derived during the game from having done it in practice.

-Dealt with some injuries and had a couple of minor procedures on his knees.

-Has worked out with Marvin Williams and says Rasheed Wallace is a "very wise man."

-"I will be starting center"

-"Jackson Simmons has been playing out of his mind."

Comments: Easily the best and most entertaining interview on the team. Has the right approach concerning his work ethic but it comes down to how quickly he can develop.

Leslie McDonald

GoHeels TV Interview: Part 1

-Notes he is the team's only senior and speaks to his leadership role.

-Working on conditioning(isn't everyone) and wants to be "ready"

Comments: The book is more or less written on McDonald with the only thing he can do to change that book is be a consistent perimeter shooter against quality teams.

Desmond Hubert

GoHeels TV Interview: Part 1

-Making an effort to bulk up which includes eating six meals a day.

-Felt like last season was more like his freshman year since he didn't play much in 2012.

-The move to the smaller lineup was "disappointing" for the big men since he felt like they didn't do their job.

-Wants to be contributor, focused more on defense than offense.

Comments: Hubert is going to play some but it is clear he doesn't exude the confidence Joel James does.

J.P. Tokoto

GoHeels TV Interview: Part 1, Part 2

-Struggled as a freshman and didn't play as much which bothered him until he realized Roy Williams' loyalty to upperclassmen.

-Even if his shot is suspect he can help with his athleticism by playing defense and rebounding.

-Working on ballhandling, mid-range shooting and off the dribble shots with Hubert Davis and Shammond Williams

-Has gone from 187 as a freshman to 201 this summer. Played last season at 193 and has a goal of being 210 when the summer ends.

Comments: Tokoto has the athleticism but without a serviceable jump shot his role will be limited. Depending on what happens with P.J. Hairston, Tokoto could end up starting.

And if you were expecting Roy Williams to meet the media, the issues with P.J. Hairston is the obvious reason why that hasn't happened. It is unclear if that is a new tact UNC is taking when it comes to these types of issue but not having Williams in front of the local media being pelted with questions is a good move right now.

As for Hairston, his future is still murky with everyone waiting to see if the NCAA or the Durham Police have anything else to say about that situation. If you happen to wander onto the Pack Pride message board, they claim to have found who rented the SUV and even have a flow chart that looks a little something like this.

In other words, until the NCAA or Durham Police Department do something, I wouldn't get too worked up.