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SB Nation Preview and a Change in the Broadcast Booth


First up, SB Nation's Bill Connelly with one of the best season previews you will read and I'm not saying that just because I work here. The extensive foray into the Tar Heels' upcoming season is well worth your time. Connelly notes, the season might be tough early with wins in the latter half of the schedule(more on that in our schedule preview.)

Other highlights of the preview includes some great analysis of UNC's defense, especially the penchant for not getting off the field on third down and the 4-2-5 scheme. On offense, Connelly rightfully notes that losing Gio Bernard and key offensive linemen may slow down the running game but the Renner-Davis-Ebron combo probably meant UNC was going to pass more than run anyway. The key will be not passing with so many long downs where the opposing defense will be expecting it.

Off the field, there is news from North Carolina of a change in the radio broadcast booth. Rick Steinbacher, who has been the color analyst for UNC football since 2005, will no longer broadcast home games on the Tar Heel Sports Network. Steinbacher's "day" job as a senior associate athletic director will require him to attend to other duties during games at Kenan Stadium. In his place, former Tar Heel and NFL veteran Ethan Albright will handle the analyst duties besides play-by-play man Jones Angell. Steinbacher will continue to do road games but if Albright does well, it would not surprise me to see Steinbacher step aside completely at some point in the future.