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Depth Chart for South Carolina


Game week has arrived and the Tar Heels have broken camp to begin preparation for the opener versus South Carolina in Columbia.

The post-camp depth chart can be found here.

There really isn't too much here outside a couple of question marks. Only one of the five offensive line positions lists a "OR" for the starter with Jon Heck, Kiaro Holts and Nick Appel in the mix for the right tackle slot. The strong safety position also appears to be up in the air. Dominique Green, Darien Rankin and Jeff Battle are all listed as possibilities with Green leading the list. Green is a true freshman while Rankin and Battle are sophomores. In other words, there isn't much experience there. Redshirt freshman Nathan Staub will get the nod at Mike Linebacker though Larry Fedora has said that isn't written in stone. TE Jack Tabb's name appearing as a third string linebacker is indicative of potential depth issues at that position.

Speaking of tight ends, Eric Ebron is not listed as the outright starter instead getting the "OR" treatment with Tabb. It is possible this is simply part of how the tight ends will be used except Larry Fedora has been very vocal concerning the need to motivate Ebron. Remember this is a tight end who Fedora is calling one of the best in the country and who he expects to score 12 TDs this season. The depth chart listing might be continued motivation which is disconcerting to say the least. Given Ebron's skill set and physical attributes, one would hope dangling his starting job in front of him wouldn't be necessary but clearly it is.

At present, UNC is being shown as an 11.5 point underdog against the Gamecocks on Thursday.