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UNC Will Play Three Times on ESPN's Big Monday


Obviously this is a consequence of the conference realignment which essentially destroyed the Big East as a premier basketball conference. For many years, Big Monday was a Big East and Big 12 night for basketball. The changing landscape of conferences and the ACC's TV deal with ESPN means we will now see ACC games on Monday night. The Tar Heels have been tapped for three outings on Big Monday. Here is the full schedule via the release.

Date Time Game
January 13th 7:00 PM Virginia at Duke
January 20th 7:00 PM UNC at Virginia
January 27th 7:00 PM Duke at Pittsburgh
February 3rd 7:00 PM Notre Dame at Syracuse
February 10th 7:00 PM Maryland at Virginia
February 17th 7:00 PM UNC at Florida State
February 24th 7:00 PM Syracuse at Maryland
March 3rd 7:00 PM Notre Dame at UNC

Two of these games will be on the road with the home game coming against Notre Dame. It will be only the third time ever North Carolina has hosted Notre Dame with the other two games coming in 1986 and 1993.

As an old school ACC fans, the notion of playing on Monday night outside of the one game in late March/early April is a little weird. Once the new schedule comes out, it will be interesting to see how many times UNC ends up with a Saturday game prior to a Monday outing.