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Larry Fedora Might Have a Red Bull Problem


During the a Q&A portion of his radio show on Tuesday night, Larry Fedora reveals just how much he likes drinking Red Bull Energy Drinks. The answer is a lot.

I mean, that's not too many right? Man has a busy schedule and I am assuming he doesn't like coffee.

Let's see how Red Bull compares to other drinks out there in terms of caffeine content.

Drink Caffeine
Starbucks Grande Coffee(16 oz) 320mg
5 Hour Energy(2 oz) 200mg
McDonald's Sweet Tea(32 oz) 100mg
Red Bull(8.4 oz) 80mg
Diet Pepsi Max(12 oz) 69mg
Diet Mt Dew(12 oz) 54mg

Source: Energy Fiend

So if we are talking about one, Red Bull isn't as bad as downing a large coffee from Starbucks or even some McDonald's sweet tea. However if you drink nine of them then we are talking about 720mg of caffeine over what is probably a 16-18 hour period assuming you get at least six hours of sleep. Oh, who am I kidding? No one is sleeping after drinking that much caffeine. In fact I have to wonder if Fedora has moments like this at some point during his day.

In case you were wondering, the fatal level of Red Bull consumption for an adult weighing 200 lbs is 170 cans. Since Fedora is only at nine per day he should be safe. After all, if you are out there doing stuff like this, you probably need a few energy drinks to get you by.

Source: Backing the Pack