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UNC Announces Future Football Schedule Additions

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Something to look forward to I guess.

North Carolina has added a home-and-home series with Illinois for 2015 and 2016 marking the first time since 1987 the Tar Heels will face the Illini in football. UNC leads the overall series 2-0. The Heels will host Illinois on September 19th, 2015 and with a return data to Champaign on September 10th of the following year. The addition of this game sets up a rather robust schedule two seasons from now with UNC also playing South Carolina in Charlotte on September 5th, 2015.

UNC has also added a pair of non-conference games to the 2014 slate with San Diego St. and Liberty coming to Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels already have road trips to East Carolina and Notre Dame to round out the (quasi)non-league schedule. In ACC play, the Heels will face Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pitt and NC State at home and travel to Clemson, Miami, Virginia and Duke. It should be noted the 2014 season starts with a little more ease than 2013 did. Since UNC will be breaking in a new QB, that's probably good thing.

Here is the overview of UNC's football schedule for the next three seasons via Go Heels.

Home: Liberty (Aug. 30), San Diego State (Sept. 6), Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, NC State
Away: East Carolina (Sept. 20), Notre Dame (TBD), Clemson, Miami, Virginia, Duke

Home: Illinois (Sept. 19), Wake Forest, Miami, Virginia, Duke
Away: NC State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh
Neutral: South Carolina (Sept. 5 in Charlotte)


Home: NC State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh
Away: Illinois (Sept. 10), Florida State, Miami, Virginia, Duke