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Roy Williams Discusses Dean Smith's Condition

In a short interview with WNCN's Penn Holderness, Roy Williams talks about Dean Smith and his ongoing struggle with dementia. According to Williams, the Tar Heel legend's condition continues to worsen though he still has moments of "clarity."

"So, this year at the end of February, he came up and he was in my office for about an hour and a half. People kept coming in and coming in," Williams said. "He was struggling, but he had one of those moments of clarity and said something to me.

"I had to sort of turn around and walk out for a minute."

Williams said Smith doesn't always recognize him when they meet now.

"Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't," Williams said.

In a short encounter just a month ago outside the Smith Center, Williams said he caught a moment of clarity from Smith. Williams was leaving for a run, so he asked Smith if he wished to join.

"Why? I don't think I will, but you go right ahead," Smith said jokingly.

"Those are the moments you live for right now," Williams said. "[Smith] was the best guy who has ever been on a basketball court and far, far, far better off the court.

"There's never been anyone like him."

Last month it was announced Smith would receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom on November 20th. It is unclear if he will be able to attend the ceremony.