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So What Happened At the Coin Flip on Saturday?

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If you were watching the game on Saturday, you saw one of the more odd sights in a college football game. Due to an apparently miscommunication at the coin flip, North Carolina ended up kicking off to start both halves. And why, pray tell, would they do such a thing? Brett Friedlander at the Wilmington Star News has the details.

According to the other three captains involved – safety Tre Boston, Bandit Norkeithus Otis and tight end/linebacker Jack Tabb – the problem stemmed from a "miscommunication" between Davis and Cherry.

"It happened fast," Tabb said after the game. "They deferred and (Cherry) looked at us and Quinshad said something. There was a miscommunication between him and the ref. Then Tre said, ‘Kick it anyways.’ I was like, ‘Hold on,’ but they were just like, ‘We’ll kick it, it’s fine.’ We just went with it."

Boston verified Tabb’s version of what happened, saying his intent was simply to help Davis out. "He was just fumbling with his words," Boston said, "because the referee was confusing all of us."

The confusion spilled over to the sideline once the captains returned.

"I was definitely stunned by that," quarterback Bryn Renner said. "I asked Quinshad about that and got a clarification, but I think he just misunderstood the referee. I hope that doesn’t happen next week."

There is probably a "light bulb" joke in here somewhere.

Now, it would be easy to blame the UNC players here after all it is a simple transaction right? The other team defers, you take the ball and voila we play football. Apparently not as simple as we would portend. Before we are too hard on the Tar Heel captains we must take into consideration the third party involved in these negotiations.

A man whose reputation is synonymous with college football games being brought to a debilitating crawl by ceaseless number of replays, penalties and other hijinks.

Someone, who during the course of this game, started to announce the penalty with his mic turned on, stopped, turned off his mic and then proceeded without anyone being able to hear him.

He is the referee so infamous for his ability to turn a game upside down that the there has arisen an almost perverse obsession with his physical whereabouts on Saturday mornings during the season.

A guy who once did this.

That's right, I am talking about Ron Cherry.

So, it is possible Quinshad Davis, Jack Tabb, Tre Boston and Norkeithus Otis botched the coin flip on Saturday.

Or we can simply blame the whole mess on Ron Cherry because...well....Ron Cherry.