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Hairston Headed to NBA's D-League

Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

P.J. Hairston has found a landing spot after seeing his career at UNC end prematurely due to NCAA violations. The Texas Legends of the NBA's Development League on Sunday claimed former Tar Heel off waivers less than a month after UNC chose not to file for his reinstatement. Hairston will play with the Legends for the remainder of the season then be available for the NBA Draft in June.

Hairston indicated via a statement on Friday that he was opting for the developmental league and would work towards complete his UNC degree online. Via the News & Observer.

"I’ve spent the past couple of weeks consulting with my family about what’s best for me, my development and my future," Hairston said in his statement.

In addition to submitting paperwork for the D-League, Hairston said he is also enrolled in an online course at UNC. He said he turned in his first assignment on Thursday.

"I am excited to continue to pursue my degree at UNC while also pursing my dream of becoming a professional basketball player," Hairston said.

Given the options this is probably the best path for Hairston. He can play NBA style basketball and spend the next few months learning the game which should better prepare him for the NBA Draft.

And for UNC fans this will give way to a new ritual of checking Texas Legends box scores, cursing loudly and kicking a pet.