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Game Thread: UNC-Clemson

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina vs Clemson, 6:00 PM, ESPNU

This will be the 57th meeting between UNC and Clemson in Chapel Hill. UNC has won the previous 56 games. Via the UNC game notes, here is the breakdown.

Tin Can: 3-0

Woollen Gym: 15-0

Carmichael Auditorium: 14-0

Smith Center: 24-0

The question being tossed around is will this time be the time Clemson finally gets it done?

The closest it appears Clemson has ever gotten was 2008 when the Tigers led by 15 with three minutes left in the game and UNC playing without Ty Lawson. At that point Wayne Ellington and Danny "Freaking" Green went to work, forced over time, then a second before UNC shut the door behind 39 points from Tyler Hansbrough.

The issue for UNC here is playing a very tough defense with a suspect offense which means we could find out if The Streak is subject to the conventional basketball wisdom or something else entirely.

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