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Roy Williams & Player Quotes and Audio: Clemson

Grant Halverson

Roy Williams Audio

"Well playing with that sense of urgency that we had today certainly makes you feel better in the locker room. I told them when they got in there it doesn't feel a heck of lot better than when you invest more. I think in the first half, early in the game, they killed us in the first few minutes on the offensive rebounds....The second part of the first half, we did a great job on the boards. What hurt us in the second part of the first half was that we put them on the free throw line too much. But I really liked what we did. We did have a much greater sense of urgency. J.P. [Tokoto] dove on the floor and got us an extra possession. James Michael [McAdoo] dove on the floor and got us an extra possession and we did a better job of getting the offensive rebounds ourselves. I think that was key for us, as they had us 8-0 or 6-0 at one time on the second chance points and at the end of the half, it was 10-8.


You need to have that sense of urgency every time we play. If we do have it, we've got a better chance. If we don't have that sense of urgency, it's really difficult for us.

James Michael McAdoo Audio

Leslie McDonald Audio

Kennedy Meeks  Audio