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Winter Weather Plays Havoc With UNC's Travel

And that would be an understatement.

Remember back in 2005 when the city of Raleigh was gridlocked for over twelve hours due to a confluence of schools and business closing at the same time as snow moved in putting everyone on the road at the same time?

The same thing has happened in Atlanta although on a grander scale. With UNC playing Georgia Tech on Wednesday, the Heels flew out of snowy Raleigh-Durham into a giant mess in Atlanta which saw the Tar Heel team stuck at the airport with no means of getting to the hotel.

Of course that is getting off easy. The stories in Atlanta mirrored what happened in Raleigh nine years ago. People are stuck on the highway or wherever they are which includes hundreds of school children who could not be transported home by the bus system and parents were unable to reach them. There was even one case of a woman giving birth in her car on I-285. Obviously what is happening in Atlanta is far more traumatic and horrific for the area residents compared to  inconvenience experienced by the Tar Heel basketball team.

At any rate, UNC finally arrived at the hotel at almost 2:00 AM. Here is how it unfolded on Twitter. Hopefully the game goes better than UNC's travel.