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Caller to Fedora's Radio Show Predicts Win over GT

"Roy from Chapel Hill" says the stars will align for a Carolina victory on Saturday.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

There was a special caller to Larry Fedora Live on the Tar Heels Sports Network on Tuesday night. Via @JonesAngell, "Roy from Chapel Hill" called with some advice for Coach Fedora along with a prediction about Saturday's game against Georgia Tech:

It was nice to hear Coach Williams call and give his public show of support to Fedora and a team that is struggling to find confidence, and Fedora sounded genuinely appreciative of the call. Williams has been a staunch supporter of all Carolina sports and is a frequent visitor to Kenan Stadium.

Let's hope Williams turns out to be Nostradamus in this case. Then again, it's Georgia Tech, so all bets are off. At least it's not in the Twilight Zone Atlanta.