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UNC Announces Wainstein Report Will Be Released

Streeter Lecka

Inside Carolina had the heads up on this earlier in the morning.

Now UNC has officially confirmed that details of Kenneth Wainstein's investigation into academic irregularities at UNC will be released on Wednesday. As you may recall, Wainstein is a former Department of Justice lawyer now in private practice brought in to do one last, exhaustive, leave-no-stone-unturned probe into all that has troubled UNC these past four years.

The University of North Carolina Board of Governors and the UNC Board of Trustees will meet in a joint sessions to receive the findings. At 1:00 PM, UNC will hold a press conference for Wainstein to explain himself to Dan Kane answer questions from the media. Chancellor Carol Folt and UNC system president Tom Ross will also be available. The press conference will stream live at the Carolina Commitment website.

To this point, there have been very few details to what the report may hold. In late June, the NCAA announced it would re-open its investigation into UNC athletics on the basis of new sources of information made available by the Wainstein probe. The NCAA is presently conducting its own review but will rely on the Wainstein findings. In fact, Wainstein has been keeping the NCAA apprised during the course of his investigation.

The conventional thinking here is the report will contain some additional embarrassing details which will create a PR headache or two. However, some massive eligibility conspiracy involving the AFAM and athletic department probably won't be a part of the findings. The likely conclusion will be that department head Julius Nyang'oro and administrative assistant Deborah Crowder were engaged in a scheme to bolster the enrollments for their department and various groups, including athletes, took advantage of the easy classes.

Then again, Wainstein could also blow the lid off the whole UNC/Swofford/Stonecutter/Illuminati Conspiracy through which the Tar Heels have won championships and oppressed their lupine brothers in Raleigh.