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Highlights from UNC's Win Over Virginia

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the highlights provided on YouTube by UNC, let's take a moment to consider the sequence of events that led to UNC winning a third straight time at Scott Stadium. With the Tar Heels trailing 27-21, the following happens.

An interception by a defensive tackle

Conversion on 3rd and 10 with a pass from Marquise Williams to Ryan Switzer

Touchdown pass on 3rd and 15 and the 16 yard line with Mitch Trubisky coming in cold off the bench after Williams lost his helmet on the previous play and had to leave the game for one snap. Trubisky, facing this monumental play found T.J. Thorpe in the middle of the field for a touchdown.

UNC executes an onside kick and recovers.

After moving the ball to the 21 yard line, UNC is facing 4th and 1 after Virginia declined a holding penalty. After burning the clock, UNC attempts to draw Virginia offsides to no avail. Larry Fedora opts to have Nick Weiler attempt a field goal but Virginia has 12 men on the field despite there having been a timeout prior to the play. The first down permits UNC to run out the clock.

For a season that has seen any number of things go wrong all at the same time, UNC was probably owed a game where a few crucial moments went right.

This play was the bulk of Williams' rushing on the day. The junior quarterback sold the handoff to T.J. Logan then pulled it back and took off through a huge opening. Williams also ran fast enough to keep the opposing defensive backs at bay, no small feat.

Mack. Hollins. That is all.

UVa's Grayson Lambert is trying to throw a screen pass here but Nazir Jones gets his hands up and finds the football. The more impressive part of the interception is Jones dragging multiple tacklers with him and actually getting a 20 yard return out of it.

Did Larry Fedora get vindicated a bit here by having given Trubisky some reps in earlier games? Maybe a little. UNC could have burned a timeout to keep Williams in the game but was probably better to keep the timeout in case it was needed. Trubisky didn't shrink from the moment and good protection from the offensive line allowed him enough time to get the ball to an open T.J. Thorpe.