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Bubba Cunningham Offers Defense of Roy Williams

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Via Inside Carolina and audio from THSN's Jones Angell.

Roy Williams had his first radio show of the season on Monday night and in the later portions of the program, Tar Heel athletic director Bubba Cunningham stopped by to offer a staunch defense of Williams and the basketball program. IC's Greg Barnes notes that Cunningham spoke "uninterrupted for several minutes" in his defense of the UNC coach. He is the money quote.

"I’ve heard him time and time again defending his players and defending what they do, and I felt it was an opportunity for me to defend what he has done for the University and to commend him on what he does for his student-athletes, and I am fortunate to be able to work with somebody like him. And if there’s any question about his integrity, we had a federal prosecutor in here that had talked to current players, former players, current coaches, former coaches and to a person, they’ve all talked about his own integrity. And my working with him for three years is an absolute testament to my belief in what everyone else has said about him that’s known him far longer than I have. I thank God I have the opportunity to be here and to work along a Hall of Fame coach like Coach Williams. Thank you very much."

Cunningham's remarks come a day after Dan Kane of the N&O re-packaged information from the Wainstein Report into an article with a clear aim at Williams and the basketball program. Despite the Wainstein Report largely absolving Roy Williams in the AFAM paper class scandal and even lauding him for moving his players away from it, he continues to be the most visible figure in the scandal and therefore a frequent target.