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Tale of the Tape: UNC vs Pitt

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Rushing yards. So many rushing yards.

North Carolina Pitt
Record 4-5 4-5
ACC Record 2-3 2-3
AP Poll Rank N/R N/R
Points Per Game 35.4 31.1
Total TDs 44 35
Total Offense Per Game 422.7 431.4
Total Offense Per Play 5.5 6.1
Rushing Per Game 130.8 247.7
Rushing Per Att 3.6 5.4
Passing Per Game 291.9 183.8
Passing Per Att 7.3 7.4
Fumbles Lost 5 11
Interceptions 11 9
3rd Down Conv. 42.1% 47.1%
4th Down Conv. 37.5% 55.6%
Red Zone Conv. 91.7% 88.4%
Field Goals 5-10 11-13
Points Allowed Per Game 41.9 26.3
Total Defense Per Game 510.3 334.8
Total Defense Per Play 6.4 5.4
Rushing Per Game 219.7 158.0
Rushing Per Att 4.8 4.4
Passing Per Game 290.7 176.8
Passing Per Att 8.6 6.7
Fumbles Recovered 8 3
Interceptions 11 8
Sacks 16.0 15.0
Tackles for Loss 54.0 33.0
3rd Down Conv. 49.3% 31.9%
4th Down Conv. 37.5% 45.5%
Red Zone Conv. 17.5% 85.2%

Some of these number would be frightening for UNC except everyone is used to them by now. As Paul mentioned, Panther RB James Conner racks up copious yardage giving the Panthers a nice, fat 247 yards per game or 5.4 yards per rushing attempt. Against UNC allowing 4.8 yards per game and third down conversions at 49%, Pitt could have a ball control field day.

On the other side of the ball, Pitt is giving up 5.36 yards per game which is 58th nationally. The Panthers are 43rd in passing yards per attempt and 76th in rushing yards per attempt. Considering UNC's rushing attack is virtually non-existent at this point and the Tar Heels will be down to T.J. Logan and Khris Francis, this particular deficiency may not hurt Pitt that much. The Panthers pass defense is a little better but overall Pitt's best weapon will be keeping UNC off the field with the rushing attack. This will be another game where should the Tar Heel offense sputter, things could get dicey very quickly.

Also of note, Pitt's field goal kicker Chris Blewitt is 11-13 on the season with one of those two misses coming on a potential game winning 26-yard field goal versus Duke.