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UNC Damages Duke Locker Room After Thursday's Game

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently UNC's celebration with the Victory Bell got a little out of hand in the Duke locker room following the Tar Heels' 45-20 shellacking of the Blue Devils.

Via the Durham Herald Sun.

Exuberant over its first win over Duke since 2011, North Carolina left significant damage to Duke’s facilities that will likely exceed $10,000, causing the school to apologize and foot the bill for repairs.

According to sources at both schools, light blue spray paint caused "significant" damage to the visiting team locker room in Duke’s Brooks Practice Facility as well as the adjacent Field Turf practice field. Both are adjacent to Wallace Wade Stadium, which also had some areas spray painted following UNC's 45-20 win on Thursday night.

Interior and exterior walls in the locker room as well as the carpet were painted. The letters "UNC" were also painted on a wall next to a door entering the facility and elsewhere in the locker room.

Obviously this is a bad look and the players should have exercised more restraint. Had this just been paint spots from the actual repainting of the Victory Bell, it wouldn't be a huge deal. However painting UNC on the wall and what not veers into vandalism and shouldn't be permitted.

UNC has apologized and this incident can be another log on the rivalry fire which has had new life breathed into it by  the Blue Devils being competitive in two of the last three games.