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Tale of the Tape: UNC vs Butler

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here is how UNC matches up with the Bulldogs of Butler.

North Carolina Butler
Conference ACC Big East
Record 3-0 3-0
KenPom Rank 16th 57th
Points per game 89.7 83.0
Adj. Off. Efficiency(Rank) 107.3(25th) 101.2(105th)
Ad. Def. Efficiency(Rank) 90.8(21st) 91.0(23rd)
Tempo(Rank) 73.0(14th) 66.8(188th)
Offensive eFG% 50.7% 62.7%
Defensive eFG% 39.8% 39.1%
Field Goal % 47.0% 56.0%
3P FG% 27.3% 48.9%
Offensive Reb Rate 46.6% 28.4%
Defensive Reb Rate 69.9% 78.2%
TO Rate 14.1% 16.0%
FT Rate 46.8% 40.4%

The "small sample size" caveat applies here especially when considering some of Butler's gaudy numbers. The Bulldogs are over 62% in eFG% and shooting better from three point range than UNC is on all shots. The catch here the KenPom ranks of Butler's three opponents are 348, 289 and 286 and a combined 3-9 so far this season. The bulk of Butler's three point shooting belongs to Kellen Duham who is 10-15 so far. While the three point numbers are particularly frightening for a UNC team that traditionally doesn't guard well on the perimeter, Butler's three point attempts are only 27.1% of their overall shots which is 292nd.

The two clear weaknesses in Butler's numbers are the offensive rebounding and free throw shooting. UNC has collected 46.6% of offensive rebounds through three games. Butler doesn't rebound well at the offensive end with a 28.2% rate. While this stat favors UNC it could also allow Butler to get back on defense and prevent the Tar Heels from pushing the basketball. Butler is shooting free throws like UNC did last season hitting only 61.1% of their attempts. UNC is presently sitting at 69.1% which is nice change from last season's struggles.

One interesting note on Butler is the Bulldogs may have the length so match UNC to some extent. Of the eight players on Butler's roster averaging more than 10 minutes per game, only two are under 6-6. That should mean comparable size to UNC at every position. The fact that Butler only uses eight players might be an issue for the Bulldogs if the game trends more towards UNC's 73 possessions per game than Butler's 66.