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Tale of the Tape: UNC vs Florida

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers for UNC's match-up with Florida

North Carolina Florida
Conference ACC SEC
Record 4-1 3-2
KenPom Rank 15th 14th
Points per game 82.6 63.4
Adj. Off. Efficiency(Rank) 106.8(36th) 105.6(48th)
Ad. Def. Efficiency(Rank) 89.6(17th) 88.6(7th)
Tempo(Rank) 73.6(11th) 63.2(319th)
Offensive eFG% 48.6% 45.6%
Defensive eFG% 39.1% 45,3%
Field Goal % 44.9% 40.1%
3P FG% 28.9% 31.6%
Offensive Reb Rate 40.5% 33.3%
Defensive Reb Rate 64.4% 77.1%
TO Rate 16.4% 19.2%
FT Rate 44.6% 36.0%

The numbers are pretty straightforward here. Both teams have been solid on the defensive end while fairly ordinary on the offensive side. Florida is ranked 7th in defensive efficiency while UNC is 17th. For Florida the key has been controlling the defensive glass and not fouling. The Tar Heels have limited opposing team's shooting and forced turnovers. Since Florida hasn't shot the ball well this season and especially in the Bahamas, UNC could be at an advantage. Neither UNC or Florida make three pointers with great consistency(28.9% vs 31.6%) and both teams are holding teams under 30% from three. UNC's defense on two point attempts continues to impress with teams shooting 37.5% inside the arc.

Given Florida's preference for a slow tempo(319th) and both teams playing high level defense, this game could bog down into a low scoring affair. The Gators haven't broken 70 points in a game this season and have just one game of 70 possessions or more. It is much tougher to speed a game up and slow it down so UNC is going to need raise the level of half court execution in order to pull a win out here.