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Durham Herald-Sun: Romar Morris Arrested for DWI[UPDATED]

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

UPDATE: A UNC spokesman says they will have a statement on Morris' arrest this afternoon.


Original post starts here.

The Durham-Herald Sun's Harold Gutmann is reporting UNC senior running back Romar Morris was arrested for DWI in Chapel Hill Sunday morning.

North Carolina starting running back Romar Morris was arrested early Sunday morning in Chapel Hill and charged with impaired driving DWI, a misdemeanor.

Morris, 22, was arrested at 4:12 a.m. on Misty Woods Circle. He was booked at the Chapel Hill Police Department, presented to a magistrate and then released "to a sober person" at 5:30 a.m. on a written promise to appear in court, according to the arrest report. He was driving a 2001 Honda Civic.

Larry Fedora normally has a weekly press conference on Mondays but since this is a bye week, there wasn't one scheduled. As a result, there is no comment from UNC on the matter. In all likelihood there will be something announced prior to UNC's next game against Pittsburgh on November 15th.

And because this is the stupid world we live in now it should be noted Morris was driving a 2001 Honda Civic. Unless Fats Thomas has downgraded his operation, no NCAA worries with this one.