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Roy Williams Press Conference: Fear Edition

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

So Roy Williams' weekly press conference was cruising along discussing in fairly normal fashion with the standard questions about various elements of UNC's basketball season when a question about the team's toughness came up which led to this exchange*

Roy Williams: I'll learn a lot today by seeing how many show up for practice. [Assistant coach] C.B. [McGrath] was happy yesterday because he thinks I got a little bit closer to the way I used to coach.

Reporter: What do you mean by that?

Williams: I used to coach out of fear.

(Palatable silence drapes over the room)

Williams: [Former Kansas player] Scott Pollard when he me introduced at the 60th birthday of Allen Fieldhouse said, "That's only guy in my life I've ever been afraid of."

(Reporters laugh nervously and begin looking for an exit)

Reporter: So when you say fear you mean the players fear you not you coaching out of fear of losing.

Williams(with an ominous tone): They better be afraid of me today.

(Reporters start backing up slowly)

Reporter: When did this start changing?

Williams: Everyone said I mellowed. Nobody thought I'd gotten too mellow after the big wins last year...C.B. had to do that as a player so my gosh he wanted them to suffer as much as he did, that's human nature kind of thing. Yesterday I showed them what I could be.

(Someone runs from the room screaming)

Reporter: So you revert to the old days then for you?

Williams: Well today is going to be that way because I'm going to see how they react. Being a nice guy is not working.

(Somewhere Brice Johnson's left eye starts twitching.)

Williams: Question about our effort, our toughness is something I am concerned about. Am I concerned about the quality of our kids? Not at all. I mean you cannot have better kids than I have...but we have to get tougher on the basketball court mentally and physically."

*Okay, I made up most of what's in parenthesis.

I say most. If you watch the video the mood of the room certainly changes when Williams starts talking about "coaching out of fear." Kennedy Meeks was eventually asked about it and confirmed, it wasn't "a wonderful day in the neighborhood."

Whatever the case, apparently Williams is dropping the hammer on the Tar Heels hoping to get more out of them than they've show thus far.