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Game Thread: UNC-Duke

College Basketball Armageddon 2014, Part 1

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina vs Duke, 9:00 PM, ESPN and ACC Network

There is a very strange stat associated with the UNC-Duke rivalry over the past 16 years and it involves the seasons where the first game is played in Chapel Hill. UNC has not won against Duke in February at home since 1998. Of course the 1998 game was a #1 vs #2 match-up where this happened.

Since 1998, UNC has lost the first game in Chapel Hill with frightening regularity which includes the 2008 game that Ty Lawson missed and the 2012 game which includes that one play ESPN chooses to torture Tar Heel fans with via commercials for this game.

With that in mind, UNC should look to meet two goals tonight:

1. Win the game
2. Give ESPN something else to show besides that play which we will not speak of.

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