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Game Thread: UNC-Notre Dame

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina at Notre Dame, 12:00 PM, ACC Network

It is still a tad early to really set the markers down for UNC's NCAA Tournament resume but given that Notre Dame is sitting at 108th in the RPI, losing to the Irish wouldn't be the best move. At present UNC only has two losses outside the top 100 so adding a third wouldn't necessarily spell doom for the Tar Heels but makes the job more difficult.

Ultimately for UNC it is about margin of error. There really isn't any because there seems to be a clear delineation between the games UNC can win and games UNC probably won't win. This game falls into the former category while the next three games fall into the latter. That means UNC needs to take care of business when the opportunity is given and hope they can steal one of the seemingly unwinnable ones over the next ten days.

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