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Paige Named Second Team All-American by The Sporting News

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

UNC sophomore guard Marcus Paige, whose explosion onto the scene this season as UNC's best player, was named to The Sporting News' All-American second team.

Stats: 17.1 points, 4.5 assists, 39.5 percent 3-point shooting

The player expected to star for the Tar Heels, veteran wing P.J. Hairston, got himself into enough of a jackpot to be ruled ineligible for the year, forcing Paige to manage a greatly expanded role. He handled it beautifully, shifting between the point guard and shooting guard positions and delivering both leadership and production to rescue a season that could have imploded. He went for 35 points in an overtime comeback win at N.C. State, took command of the Heels’ home victory over rival Duke late in the game and slammed Louisville with 32 points in the first of the team’s four victories against opponents ranked 11th or better.

Per UNC guidelines, Paige's jersey will be placed in the rafters of the Dean Dome as an honored jersey(after his career at UNC is done.) Assuming Paige returns next season and there is no indication he won't, he will be in position to make a run at national player of the year honors.