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ACC Tournament Thursday Open Thread

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The first ever Wednesday of the ACC Tournament wasn't really all that bad. Games were somewhat entertaining even if the quality of basketball suffered a bit. The latter was to be expected given there were six games involving the bottom of the league standings.

The Thursday games should be far more interesting

Today's Schedule

Game Time TV
#8 Maryland vs #9 Florida State 12:00 PM ESPN/ACC Network
#5 Pitt vs #12 Wake Forest 2:30 PM(approx) ESPN/ACC Network
#7 NC State vs #10 Miami 7:00 PM ESPN/ACC Network
#6 Clemson vs #11 Georgia Tech 9:30 PM(approx) ESPN/ACC Network

Regarding the UNC perspective, the 2:30ish game between Pittsburgh and Wake Forest is of obvious interest. Conventional wisdom says the up-tempo Tar Heels would much rather face a Wake Forest team on their third game in three days than the tough, defensive minded Panthers.

The first game of the day perks the attention because Florida State has a chance to knock Maryland out of the ACC Tournament and the ACC where basketball is concerned. If FSU wins, expect a loud ACC chant to serenade the Terps.

In the nightcap, NC State will try to setup a rematch with Syracuse on Friday and Clemson, who knocked off Duke earlier this season, would love to do it again to the Blue Devils assuming the Tigers can slip by Georgia Tech.