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ACC Friday Open Thread

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Now the ACC Tournament begins...

Today's games

Game Time TV
#1 Virginia vs #9 Florida State 12:00 PM ESPN/ ACC Network
#4 North Carolina vs #5 Pitt 2:30 PM(approx) ESPN/ ACC Network
#2 Syracuse vs #7 NC State 7:00 PM ESPN/ ACC Network
#3 Duke vs #6 Clemson 9:30 PM(approx) ESPN/ ACC Network

After two days of semi-interesting games and sparse crowds, the ACC Tournament kicks into high gear. The UNC, NC State and Duke fan bases will be out in force and there are some interesting match-ups.

Duke will be looking for revenge against Clemson, Syracuse will face an NC State team that believes they were robbed at the Carrier Dome and Virginia still has plenty to prove.

Then there is UNC-Pitt which has the Panthers looking for payback for a February 15th loss in Chapel Hill.

Picks: UVa, UNC, Syracuse, Duke