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Latest NCAA Bracket Projections for UNC

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the latest prognostications for UNC.

Projection Seed Region Location
CBS Sports(Jerry Palm) #6 West Spokane
USA Today(Shelby Mast) #5 Midwest Spokane
ESPN(Joe Lunardi) #5 Midwest San Antonio Stevens) #5 East Spokane
SB Nation(Chris Dobbertean) #5 South Spokane

There seems to be a common thread that UNC will likely be a #5 seed and also be sent to Spokane or some other distant geographical region for the 2nd and 3rd Rounds. Given where UNC is mostly ranked across most of the metrics, being a #5 seed sounds about right.

After that it all comes down to who UNC plays. Being a #5 means being in that always upset prone 5-12 game. It also comes down to whether UNC gets stuck in one of those "we don't look at the match-ups" games with the likes of Creighton or Michigan State or Kansas, etc, etc, etc.

We will find out at 6 PM this evening.