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NCAA Tournament: UNC-Providence Game Thread

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#6 North Carolina vs #11 Providence, 7:25 PM, TNT(Marv Albert, Steve Kerr)

With the two #12 seeds and one #11 seed pulling upsets on Thursday, there is an undercurrent that more teams in the lower seed range will knock off higher seeds today. There is some Providence love out there and a belief that the Friars will send UNC home. The question is how much of that is based on NCAA Tournament upset fever or the recent play of the respective teams. Probably a little of both and a healthy belief that Providence's Bryce Cotton outplays Marcus Paige in the point guard match-up.

Roy Williams has never lost an NCAA Tournament opening game. UNC's record as a #6 seed is 2-0 with wins in 1996 and 2004.

Duke lost. NC State lost. Don't screw this up UNC. Whatever you do, be the last one standing.

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