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NCAA Tournament: UNC-Iowa St. Game Thread

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#6 North Carolina vs #3 Iowa St., 5:20 PM, CBS(Marv Albert, Steve Kerr)

Since Roy Williams arrived back in Chapel Hill, he has had a rough go against the Big 12. Most of that is related not being able to handle Kansas and Texas but in the NCAA Tournament, UNC is 2-4 against the Big 12 under Roy Williams. Three of those losses are to Kansas and one to Texas. The two wins? Oklahoma in 2009 and Iowa State in 2005.

Dean Smith always said a team can overcome an injury for one game. In the NCAA Tournament, with all the other factors in play, this can be even more pronounced. UNC has advantages they need to exploit and hope like heck the Cyclones don't play out of their minds.

A date with Connecticut in New York awaits.

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