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Marcus Paige Speaks to UNC Board of Trustees on Athletics and Academics

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Ronald Martinez

In a bit of a pushback against the ongoing media narrative concerning UNC's athletics and academics, several Tar Heel athletes along with athletic director Bubba Cunningham addressed the Board of Trustees regarding that subject on Thursday. One of the participating athletes was Tar Heel basketball player Marcus Paige.

Video via the News and Observer

Bubba Cunningham

Marcus Paige

Q&A with Paige

Obviously UNC is engaging in a little PR work here presenting some of UNC's best student-athletes. That being said, it's worth noting that Mary Willingham's findings and the media criticisms of UNC tend to focus on a minority portion of the UNC student-athlete population. Even Willingham's vaunted "8-10%" stat which has seemingly covered the earth since it was revealed only deals with roughly 10-12 athletes out of 300 or so that enter UNC every year.

Again, no one is saying there aren't issues to be addressed nor is anyone absolving UNC of blame in this scandal.The University of North Carolina can and should do better by those athletes who need help. However a majority of athletes at UNC do solid academic work, something that former football players E.J. Wilson and Tyler Caldwell have begun to talk about via their Twitter accounts.

Also of note, UNC learning specialist Bradley Bethel put another shot across Mary Willingham's bow this morning.