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Diamond DeShields Transferring

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Via Harold Gutmann at the Durham Herald Sun, UNC freshman superstar Diamond DeShields is leaving for another school after one record setting season in Chapel Hill. DeShields was also the national freshman of the year.

Tar Heels coach Sylvia Hatchell said in a statement that she did not “know or understand” why DeShields is leaving.

“As most everyone knows, I was out and missed the entire season with leukemia,” Hatchell said. “Thankfully, I’m in complete remission and will be back 100% for next season.  It breaks my heart that I will not have the opportunity to coach Diamond and help develop her on and off the court.  I love her and wish her well."

DeShields could not immediately be reached for comment.

While UNC return plenty of talent, DeShields looked every bit like a game-changing type of player who could contend for national player of the year honors. There were times she couldn't be guarded and showed in games at Duke and NC State that she could be a prolific big game scorer.

As noted above, UNC will still have a very good team next season but a player of DeShields' talent is the difference between possibly competing against the women's basketball powerhouse teams and being one of the rabble of victims UConn or Notre Dame trounces on the way to another Final Four.