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Odds and Ends: Man It's Quiet Around Here Edition

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McAdoo a Married Man Now
McAdoo a Married Man Now
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few items making the rounds.

-UNC women's basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell told WFMY that her cancer was "gone" and is now in the process of getting her strength back. Hatchell was diagnosed in mid-October with luekemia and spent the entire season away from the team getting treatment. Assuming her progress continues, Hatchell should be back in full swing soon.

-Speaking of women's basketball, both Harold Gutmann of the Durham-Herald Sun and Andrew Carter of the News and Observer got Diamond DeShields' mother to speak on the record regarding her daughter's decision to transfer from UNC. The basic reason given was simply "unhappiness."  Her explanation is better than DeShields' latest communication on the matter.

-Roy Williams and Larry Fedora represented UNC in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl Challenge golf tournament. The two Tar Heel coaches didn't fare so well finishing dead last and five strokes behind the next-to-last team and 13 strokes out of first place. To be fair, Williams had a fairly busy stretch. This past weekend was the only evaluation period coaches get therefore Williams was in California and Mississippi Friday though Sunday before heading to the golf event. Perhaps jet-lag played a part. Despite the finish, Williams and Fedora earned $20,000 in scholarship money for UNC.

-And finally, if you were wondering what the real reason for James Michael McAdoo's decision to turn pro, it may be because he got married. McAdoo tied the knot with UNC volleyball player Lauren Adkins on April 2nd which was a Wednesday and the day before his NBA Draft entry announcement. Adkins, whose Twitter account now reflects her married name, is a junior outside hitter who appeared in all 32 of UNC's matches this season starting six of them.

-And not UNC related but, yes, there was a dead bear found at NC State this morning. It appears they are going to great lengths in Raleigh to conjure up some run support for Carlos Rodon.